Ham’s current top 10 books

These are the books Ham (19 mos) is constantly pestering me to read him really interested in these days.


1) Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

A classic. I am not a fan of Eric Carle’s art, myself, but clearly most people, especially kids, dig it. I love reading this one aloud—very fun. Ham is obsessed with this book right now and will “read” it to himself after I’ve read it to him four times in a row.


2) The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear

A beautifully illustrated, adorable little story about a mouse that is getting conned (by the reader!) into sharing a strawberry. Ham coos and squeals while I read this to him.


3) Tickle the Duck!

The appeal is obvious.


4) The Little Engine That Could

It’s not the positive message or the lovely story that Ham is after. There’s a small Humpty Dumpty that appears on several pages, and every time Ham points him out, I am to sing the Humpty Dumpty song. Here are two examples of Mr. Dumpty’s cameos:

Ham even noticed this one.


5) Kitten’s First Full Moon

Kitten mistakes the reflection of the moon on the water for a bowl of milk. Much hardship ensues. Ham really feels for the kitten and is thrilled for her when she gets her bowl of milk in the end. The art is so simple, bold and high-contrast, both my kids enjoyed this book even as infants.


6) When I Feel Sad

Are you trying to tell me something, Ham?


7) Goldilocks and the Three Bears

This version of the story doesn’t stray too far from the original, but the snappy writing and slick illustrations make it feel fresh—and very funny! I especially love the way Goldilocks is portrayed (as the brat that she is). Ham understands a lot of the story, surprisingly, and he thinks Goldilocks is a riot.


8) I Am a Bunny

I Am A Bunny Board Book

Simple and sweet descriptions of what Nicholas the bunny does during each season. The illustrations are typical Richard Scarry—darling and gorgeous. Ham loves pointing at the animals and learning their names. When reading this to the kids, I often get the urge to put on my manliest voice and say “I AM BUNNY.” “NO, I AM BUNNY!” “NO, I AM BUNNY.” But the kids wouldn’t get it. So, I resist the urge. It’s tough being a mother.


9) Chugga Chugga Choo Choo


Ham loves looking at the cool art and repeating the whoo-whoo and choo-choo sounds, but there is another perk for Ham: There is a Humpty Dumpty in this, too! I had no idea Mr. Dumpty liked to ride the rails so much.


10) Big Girls Use the Potty!

I don’t know where Ham found this, but this is one of the books I used to read to Nica when I was toilet-training her. Even though this book does not show a single toilet—only potties—Ham has gleaned that they’re basically the same thing. So, he has become fascinated by the toilet and keeps wanting to stick his hand in the bowl. Also, he now thinks that when his sister is on the can, it is a great time and place to socialize with her. I really gotta hide this book.

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  1. monika says:

    this is great,thank you.going to the library tomorrow:)

  2. Shepen says:

    My 2 1/2 yr old son does the same thing with Humpty Dumpty in Little Engine that Could, except after I sing the song, he replies “He’s an egg!”

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