Nica and I played Exquisite Corpse.

Once upon a time, there was a person.

The person was a girl.

The girl had a pet.

The pet’s name was Kitty.

Kitty was an elephant.

The girl’s name was Lilia, and she took Kitty for a walk.

While they were walking, they found a talking flower.

They passed the flower, and they walked and walked until they found a treasure chest!

Lilia opened the chest.

It was full of gold and mirrors and chocolate coins! They could eat the chocolate coins! They are VERY special. Because you can eat them.

They took it all home. The box too.

On the way home, they saw the talking flower again!

The flower turned into a real flower and didn’t talk anymore. 

Then they runned home.


They RAN home. And there was a ghost on the roof! It was jumping and jumping, and it said “Boo!”

Lilia and Kitty hid in a bush, and a bat said “Boo-arr!” so they runned—RAN—out and there was steam in the house! 

They went inside the house and said “Ew, what’s that smell?” It was a rotten chicken. Poor family that didn’t have any food except rotten chicken that had steam!

Thank goodness they had chocolate coins to eat!

But after they ate all the chocolate coins, they got thinner and thinner and skinnier, because it’s junk food!

The End

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