Santa, according to my daughter

Nica just turned 5, and so far we haven’t made a big deal out of the whole Santa thing. Last year, we had one gift by the fireplace that was “from Santa,” but she didn’t seem to care. I figured that by now she must have some concept of who Santa is and what he does for a living. I thought I should ask her about him, so that we can gauge how much Santa-ness we need to inject into this year’s Christmas.

Me: Do you know who Santa is?
Nica: Yes.
Me: Who is he?
Nica: He’s the Christmas guy. You know, with the beard and red clothes.
Me: What does he do?
Nica: (exasperated) He’s a wizard!
Me: Wizard?
Nica: Yes, lightning comes out of his hands, and that’s how he makes presents.
Me: Wow!
Nica: But he doesn’t change his mind.



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