I Stink!: the manliest children’s book ever

Ham (22 months) is so into this book right now.

The story is basically a New York City garbage truck telling you about all his (yes, definitely HIS) features and how he picks up trash every morning. There is also an A-is-for-Apple section that is like Oscar the Grouch’s version.

When Ham got this as a gift and I read it for the first time, I was quite turned off by it. To me, it was like the literary equivalent of a big, hairy dude wearing tighty-whities and holding a machine gun. And most women I know don’t relish exclaiming “I stink!” and having to name a bunch of car parts and gross, smelly items. But in time, I started getting into it. I got in touch with my inner garbage truck. There is no way to read this book in a girlie way. You gotta get guttural and snarl out the sentences. While reading this book, I mostly have this face on:


And the more I look like that, the more Ham looks at me like this:


So, how can I refuse to read it to him. But then, at certain parts, he gets all Bravehearty and “Argh! Yeah!” and I think, Geez, take it easy, dude.



2 comments on “I Stink!: the manliest children’s book ever

  1. Elliott says:

    You got Ham in boxers already? Skipped the tidy whities? Come one, every boy needs to grow up in those. At least ’til college. Ha ha ha. Love the post!

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