Fizzy Foamy Science: for bubble-lovers only


This past weekend, Nica and her dad spent an afternoon playing with My First Fizzy Foamy Science Kit.


Though I didn’t find the kit so exciting, myself, Nica and Archie had a lot of fun with it. For a 5-year-old, this is an unintimidating way to begin learning the principles of science and the rudiments of the scientific method. The kit includes seven simple experiments that involve fizzing or bubbling of some sort. It covers all the gassy classics: You got your volcano, your yeast, your soap bubbles. Most of the experiments involve combining a base with an acid—thus the fizzing and foaming action. This is pretty much what most of them look like:


Red fizz

Blue fizz

(The tray and measuring cup are not included, by the way.)

And this is as dramatic as it gets:

Fizz to the max


The lamest experiment was the one called Yeasty Beasties. The name is already setting you up for disappointment. Nica was probably imagining something along the lines of this:

Now those are some yeasty beasties


But the actual outcome was this:

Crappy beasties

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