DIY iPad stand

Archie and I needed—yes, needed!—to watch Top Chef‘s Last Chance Kitchen. (Would Kristen get sweet revenge against annoying, guffawing Josie? Would she be able to claw her way back into the competition?) But you can only watch it online. So, Archie grabbed a few Duplos and quickly built a simple but effective iPad stand.


What you need:

What You Need


Then assemble like so:

Da Stand


And you’re done! You can insert your iPad and look at your favorite blog, ahem.

Front Vertical


It works both for vertical and horizontal viewing, with or without the cover.

Front Horizontal


And you can place it very upright or at an angle.

Vertical Back, Upright

Horizontal Side, Incline


P.S. Mega Bloks don’t work: They are too flimsy and loose (they are inferior to Duplo even in this kind of usage!); and you can use regular Legos, but you will have to put in much more effort to get the same degree of support.