*Cast of characters:

“Nica”: my daughter, 4 6 years old

“Ham”: my son, 18  months old 3 years old

“Archie”: my husband

“Pitufa”: me


We are a Korean-American family living in New Jersey. Archie and I used to live in New York City. Our life there was too carefree and fabulous and fun, so we decided to have kids.

I started this blog because:

  1. I needed some kind of low-maintenance creative outlet.
  2. I wanted to justify the existence of the piles of toys that are taking over the house.
  3. I figured it would be a good way to release some silly, weirdo notions and maybe share them with fellow silly weirdos.
  4. I hoped that in the future it would serve as a glimpse into my kids’ childhood play. Because it all goes so fast, and we forget so much.


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