Cool stuff: ZoLi straw cup

You know how your toddler or preschooler will be drinking out of a straw cup, and then he leans back so that the straw is no longer making contact with the liquid, or he drinks beyond the reach of the too-short straw? So your kid is just inhaling air, even though there is still water/juice/milk in the cup. Sucks (pun not intended but not edited out, either), right?

That’s what makes the ZoLi BOT Straw Sippy Cup genius.
It’s got a flexible straw with a weighted bottom, so it actually works with gravity to get all the liquid in the cup. Another plus is that it’s very light.

The one downside of this cup is that you really have to get the ZoLi replacement straws and cleaning brush with it. No way are you getting the straw really clean without the brush. And you will definitely have to replace the straw at some point. For us, this is totally worth it, because Ham (19 mos) loves this cup. It allows him to do the toddler equivalent of this:

Smart design makes me happy!