Book: Pinkalicious

Well, it’s about play. And with my kids, reading (or being read to) and playing are so entwined. Nica (4) uses a lot of what she hears/sees/reads in books as fodder for her imaginative play.

Not convinced? Well, there’s this, too:

OK, lady?

So. Pinkalicious. It’s obvious why this book is de rigueur among little girls. I mean, look at this cover.

Here we have almost all the stereotypical little-girl bait items: pink-pink-pink, cupcake (complete with cherry on top), fairy wings, wand (with frilly tassel), crown, fancy dress.

Why do little girls like pink so much? And how come they never, ever feel like, “Maybe this is too much pink”?

The protagonist of Pinkalicious is, I’m sorry to say, an insufferable brat. If that were my kid, pretty much the last thing I’d do is bake sugary desserts for her. Her little brother, too, seems like bad news.

The plot: Bratty girl disobeys her mother and ends up eating way too many pink cupcakes. Whatever evil food coloring the mom uses to make the cupcakes causes Bratty to turn pink all over. But Bratty revels in her pinkness and feels insanely beautiful. She disobeys her mother again, and the doctor, too, and ingests more pink cupcake. (Evidently, Mom is not a food waster, oh, no, and has set the cakes aside instead of throwing out the toxic batch.) This time, Bratty wakes up all red, which, unlike being all pink, is highly unattractive and therefore unacceptable. Bratty must eat green foods to combat the effects of this horrid food dye that really needs to be examined by the FDA. Even though she formerly said “yuck” to all green foods, her vanity finally allows her to get over her disgust.

I groan inside when the kids choose this book as their bedtime story. The main character is just too hateful to me, and I can’t get behind the ideas in the book. But the kids enjoy it. Nica feels the primal call of the pink. <sigh>

Thankfully, the book hasn’t made Nica say “yuck” every time she sees green vegetables, but it has made her start nagging me about baking pink cupcakes. I hope it is only that she wants to eat pretty treats.