The Hueys: The New Sweater

This book caught my eye at the store, because the illustrations are adorable and understated. It really stood out in the sea of garish covers.

The Hueys are egg-shaped creatures that are all about homogeneity. But then there’s Rupert, a Huey that dares to be unconventional by knitting himself a sweater. (The radical move here is not the knitting but the sweater-wearing.) The other Hueys react with disapproval and repugnance. But Rupert inspires another Huey to knit a sweater, and a trend is born.

Nica (4) finds this book charming and puzzling: She can’t comprehend how beings this cute could be so condemning, especially about an awesome sweater; she wonders, too, why Rupert didn’t also knit himself some pants.

Ham (18 mos) loves this book too, but mostly because he is currently obsessed with Humpty Dumpty. He spots him everywhere. And when he spots him, he demands that I sing him the Humpty Dumpty song.

If Humpty Dumpty were a real celebrity, Ham would be his most stalkerish fan.

So, Ham is very fond of the Hueys. He does not even listen to the story, though. He just points at each drawing and expects me to sing the Humpty Dumpty song. There are many, many Hueys in this story.

To me, The Hueys is an exhausting book.