Seniors rock.

Ham, 2, adores his grandparents—both sets. He asks about them every day, he is ecstatic to see them when he gets to, and when it’s time to say good-bye or I tell him we’re not seeing any grandparents today, he mopes or throws a tantrum. To Ham, his grandparents are rock stars. Or crack.

His love for his grandfolks has made him keen on the elderly in general: Wherever we go, he flashes smiles at old ladies and wizened gentlemen, waves at them, shakes their hands or gives them high fives as requested. He is like a toddling politician trying to win the geriatric vote.

Lately, he’s been playing with Happyland toys a lot. We have many, many Happyland figures. But these are the three he consistently chooses to play with:


Two old, one middle-aged

The woman is the oldest one he could find. We don’t have any grandmotherly figures in our collection.

If Happyland ever makes a Retirement Home set, I’m getting it.