Knock-knock jokes on the way to school


Nica: Knock knock.
Ham: Who dah?
Nica: Ice cream.
Ham: Ash kee who?
Nica: Ice cream for ice cream then fall flat on my face! Hahaha!
Ham: Hahaha!


Ham: Nodok.
Nica: Who’s there?
Ham: Mamjak.
Nica: Mamjak who?
Ham: Jakoo aaa! Hahaha!
Nica: No, Ham, you’re supposed to say “mamjak” and then something else.
Ham: No!
Nica: Yes!
Ham: Nooo!
Nica: Yeees! Yes! You have to say “mamjak” first!
Ham: No!
Nica: Mommee! Ham is doing knock-knocks wrong!
Me: Mm-hm. OK, here we are. Here’s your bag. Have a great day! Bye!
Nica: (About to enter school building) Bye!
Ham: Mamjak.