Princess vs. shark

Here’s what happened to Nica last week.








I rushed Nica to the dentist. According to her, many kids in this predicament can avoid extraction of the loosened teeth, because the teeth and gums will tighten up again (really? That is incredible! Why can’t necks and boobs do that?). However, in Nica’s case, there is a hairline fracture going across the roots, so the likelihood of retightening went from Maybe, Who Knows? to You Smokin’ Crack, Mama. Still, the dentist said, there is a teeny chance that the roots could heal, so she gave us a choice: extract the teeth now, or wait to see if one or both of the teeth heal enough to leave alone.




After, Option 1


After, Option 2



We chose to wait and see. I took Nica home and explained everything (including the possible outcomes) as she ate her first of many soft meals. I must say, she took it all very well. Better than I did, that’s for sure.


Move on, Mom.


Later that day, Nica spent a lot of time playing with small Disney princess figures and some plastic sharks we got at an aquarium.


Da Sharks

Da sharks

Da Broads

Da princesses


It all started out very sweetly, with the princesses watching the sharks swim around and calling out their favorites, but soon it got ugly: The sharks, because, you know, they’re sharks, began to want to eat the princesses, and the princesses were forced to fight for their lives. Each of the princesses fought in her own style, using her individual technique. Snow White was especially lethal, thrusting her “knife hands” into the sharks’ eyes. Sure, she shouts “Boom bing!” while she does it, but it’s effective nonetheless; many a shark perished at the hands of Snow White.


Dirty Dancing

Jasmine’s technique involves confusing the shark first.


The princesses won the war against the sharks, in case you were worried. I found it really interesting that this day of all days, Nica chose as the enemy the toothiest animal ever.

Anyway, we’ll find out on Monday whether Nica will keep her teeth or if she’ll get a very premature visit from the tooth fairy. <Sigh>